August 2006

20 Aug 2006 07:23 am

Stairway to heaven, originally uploaded by Knilram.

Sound dampeners in the Pew Fine Arts Center auditorium on the Grove City College campus, in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

20 Aug 2006 07:22 am

The eye, originally uploaded by Knilram.

In Northmoreland Park, Pennsylvania (thirty miles or so north-west of Pittsburgh) stands a tree that keeps watch over park visitors.

14 Aug 2006 09:37 pm

Wheel of Glass, originally uploaded by Knilram.

This window is in the College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church by the Geneva College campus in Beaver Falls, PA.

14 Aug 2006 08:05 pm

Crack pot, originally uploaded by Knilram.

Sitting by the ground level electrical station outside a building on the Geneva College campus, there is a shattered pot holding a plant of some kind.

09 Aug 2006 06:59 pm

Eyeball Bender, originally uploaded by Knilram.

OK. I’m cheating. These radiator fins actually run vertically, not horizontally. The picture is 90 degrees rotated from how it should be, but I like it this way.

This is a ground level electrical station sitting outside a building on the Geneva College campus, with radiator fins to cool the insides.

Look carefully and you will see grass clippings on the fins since they were mowing the lawn that day.

07 Aug 2006 10:34 pm

Does anyone know what time it is?, originally uploaded by Knilram.

I do. It’s three o’clock.

This clock is on the campus of Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

04 Aug 2006 05:15 pm

If the shoe fits…., originally uploaded by Knilram.

The shoes sit waiting for us to return from swimming in Lake Arthur Moraine State Park.

01 Aug 2006 06:19 pm

Bridge to the woods, originally uploaded by Knilram.

In Moraine State Park, on the North Country Trail, there is a foot bridge across one of the inlets to Lake Arthur.