July 2006

29 Jul 2006 04:37 pm

Row, row, row your boat, originally uploaded by Knilram.

… Gently up the stream. A crew team rowing up the Allegheny River on a beautiful summer morning.

18 Jul 2006 05:59 am

It really isn’t a good name.

Actually, this is the breakwater on the upstream point of Herr’s Island in the Allegheny River, just a couple miles upstream from downtown Pittsburgh.

09 Jul 2006 08:15 am

A summer field in Pennsylvania, blooming with daisies.

Give me your answer, do

Daisy, Daisy

02 Jul 2006 07:06 am

While visiting family in North Carolina back in March, we visited a park downstream from a hydroelectric plant. This huge rock sat at the edge of the river and had been smoothed by the water.

A rock II

A rock I