September 2005

30 Sep 2005 11:58 pm

Today must have been a big day for smelly news. The Erie paper had the above the fold story on the front page (I’ll work from the paper edition since the online one requires registration):

Headline Erie Times News: Eew! What’s that smell

Subtitle: Lake burp blamed for strange odors hovering over the region

Some thought the awful smell was from garbage or gasoline. Others knew it had to be raw sewage or natural gas.

Regardless, residents from Erie to Edinboro could agree on one thing: the stench lingered like a fog, compelling more than a few people to check their outdoor grills for propane leaks.

But what was it, and where did it come from?

All fingers point to Lake Erie.

Local, state and federal officials, biologists and air-quality experts are still trying to identify the exact culprit, but it looks like volatile Lake Erie, fueled by high waves, likely churned up deep water and deep smells of gaas and rotting weeds.

30 Sep 2005 11:51 pm

It’s the same old story. Everyone else has a brand new car, but you’re still driving around in your beat up old-faithful. I know how you feel. I have a 17 year old, a 16 year old, and a 5 year old car. For some people, they don’t want to be seen in a beat up old car. Personally, that doesn’t bother me. I ought to have a car that matches my personality, and under-powered, run-down, old and beat-up is a perfect fit.

But the new cars have so much better safety features. Sometimes, if you’re like me, you start to think about how the new air bags are a nice feature missing from those almost two decade old cars. And as rusty as they are, a minor collision will cause them to completely disentigrate.

It seems like safety is on the side of the newer cars. Until now. Now I realize that since my old cars don’t smell like new cars, they really are safer.

Headline Pittsburgh Post Gazette: That ‘new car smell’ could be the death of you

29 Sep 2005 11:45 pm

I got home this evening and headed north for a whirlwind one day trip to the Great White North. When I got there around 9 PM, I realized I needed a cat-5 cable to jack in to the broadband router at my destination. I’ve just upgraded laptops, and I didn’t have the right cables to get to the router.

So, even though it is in the middle of the wilderness, there happens to be a Wallmart a couple miles away. Off I went to get the cable. (Funny but no matter how well I plan, I end up having to run over to that Wallmart every time I go for a visit to the Great White North.)

My credit card has the signature block completely warn off, and no establishment ever has a problem with this except the Wallmart out in the vast wilderness of the Great White North. Every time I shop there, they want to see my driver’s license because the signature block is worn off. Tonight was no exception, and the young checkout lady asked for my license.

Now a little background on my license. The picture on it is a couple years old now. I had it taken just a few days before the spring shearing. For running purposes, I let my hair grow in the winter, and cut it short all spring and summer. I’m just now starting to let it grow out for the cold weather again. So there is quite a contrast between my current haircut and photo on my driver’s license.

The young lady at the Wallmart checkout counter in the Great White North looked at my picture and she told me, “You look much better with your hair short. It makes you look much younger.”

With my hair cut short, I bet she doesn’t think I look a day over 70.

28 Sep 2005 10:44 pm

Headline AP: Arctic Ice Melts Faster As It Gets Warmer

27 Sep 2005 07:45 pm

In news accounts, you often read information about the people involved that doesn’t have any relevance to the story. For example, “Mr. Jones, a 46 year old father of four, was arrested….” But this is the first time I’ve heard a person’s favorite Internet browser included in their newspaper description.

Headline Telegraph: Opera fan, 73, is jailed for £50 council tax debt

26 Sep 2005 09:56 pm

AFP Photo:

Caption: “Solex flight : Two persons on a Solex fly in the air in Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet, in the French Alps during the 32nd Coupe Icare (Icarus Cup) taking place from 22 to 25 September. (AFP/Jean-Pierre Clatot)”

25 Sep 2005 07:34 pm

Q.51. What does the second commandment forbid?

A. The second commandment forbids our worshiping God with images or in any other way not established in His word.

We must only worship God in the ways He has given in scriptures. We are not free to do whatever seems right in our own eyes, but we are constrained by the commands in God’s word.

I find the Heidelberg Catechism to be useful on this point.

Q.97. May we then not make any image at all?

A. God can not and may not be visibly portrayed in any way.

Although creatures may be portrayed, yet God forbids making or having such images if one’s intention is to worship them or to serve God through them.

Q.98. But may not images be permitted in the churches as teaching aids for the unlearned?

A. No, we shouldn’t try to be wiser than God. He wants his people instructed by the living preaching of his Word–not by idols that cannot even talk.

24 Sep 2005 04:00 am

I just ran across a speech given by former Vice President Al Gore to the Sierra Club Convention in San Francisco on September 9, 2005. This quote struck me:

In the early days of the unfolding catastrophe [he is referring to the war in Iraq], the President compared our ongoing efforts in Iraq to World War II and victory over Japan. Let me cite one difference between those two historical events: When imperial Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt did not invade Indonesia. [applause]

No. Roosevelt didn’t invade Indonesia. Instead United States declared war on Japan and Germany and entered a two front war in the Pacific and Europe. Why did we declare war on Germany? Did the Germans attack Pearl Harbor? Only in Animal House. Thanks for your comments, Vice President Blutarski.

23 Sep 2005 11:44 pm

Headline AP: Scientists Dispute Hurricane Blaster Idea

DENVER – It sounds like a great idea: Let’s just blast hurricanes like Rita and Katrina out of the sky before they hurt more people. Or, at least weaken the storms and steer them away from cities.

Atmospheric scientists say it’s wishful thinking that we could destroy or even influence something as huge and powerful as a hurricane. They abandoned such a quest years ago after more than two decades of inconclusive government-sponsored research….

“It would be like trying to move a car with a pea shooter,” said hydrometeorologist Matthew Kelsch of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. “The amount of energy involved in a hurricane is far greater that anything we’re going to impart to it.”…

According to the center for atmospheric research, the heat energy released by a hurricane equals 50 to 200 trillion watts or about the same amount of energy released by exploding a 10-megaton nuclear bomb every 20 minutes.

So, scientists say in this article that people can not even influence … a hurricane. Hurricanes dwarf what we could do even with nuclear weapons. But then the liberal politicians and most of the mainstream press like to say that hurricanes are on the increase because of human induced global warming. People must have the power to create but not destroy hurricanes.

Or maybe hurricanes just go in natural cycles, and human activity really doesn’t have any impact on them.

23 Sep 2005 08:41 pm

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale….

AFP Photo:

Caption: “Signs advertise a fishing captain outside a boat washed ashore by Hurricane Katrina as a storm from Hurricane Rita approaches, Friday, Sept. 23, 2005, in the Lakeview district of New Orleans. Forecasters say anywhere from three to five inches of rain could fall in New Orleans as Rita passes Friday and Saturday, dangerously close to the 6 inches of rain that Corps officials say the patched levees can withstand. (AP Photo/Tracy Gitnick)”

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